About Us and Our Services

Approaching Our Half Century

Petron Welding is a long Established Company first formed in 1975 we are fast approaching being in business for 50 Years.

In all that time we have been involved in a vast array of different types of work.

Our main areas of expertise  are workshop manufacturing and repairs  of  steel gates, railings, barriers, fences, fire escapes, builders beams, platforms, frames, pipe work, trailers and commercial vehicle bodies just to name a few.

Our welding includes arc (MMA or stick) and Mig Tig.  We also work with Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

We also offer an installation service.  Most things we fabricate and supply and fit.  Also we do undertake on-site welding, fabrication, cutting and fitting.

We can work from your drawings or a 'back of a fag packet' sketch.  Quite often a customer will come to us with a problem and an idea for a solution.  We often design and fabricate a repair and / or tool to resolve their issue.

We are very happy to give out Free quotes and advice